[Elsword PvP] Kerialstraz' PvP Tournament - DSTTS

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  • Kerialstraz_ElswordTournament_3.jpg

    Banner made by: ChrisC! Talented and good artist!

    Hello and welcome to my DSTTS-Tournament! I organized this tournament to celebrate the release of 3rd jobs in europe. This tournament shall test your skill and vigor of your class.

    Sign up and prove in 1 versus 1 battles your superiority, your skills and fight for the 1st place!

    The tournament will be single elimination brackets:

    - general: Best of 3

    - Semi-Finals: Best of 5

    - Grand Finals: First to 5

    63 candidates can join this tournament. Why only 63? Because the host won't let the chance slide to participate, thats why!

    Matches will be played in arena mode and ERP will be deactivated. Only title effects will work and your gear will be treated the same as it would be in arena.


    - Only the following titles are allowed: Raser/Supersonic; Speedholic!; The Challenger

    - Only one skill ring is allowed

    - Wedding Skill and hyper active are prohibited

    - Attributes are prohibited, but you can use resists

    - Every accessoire is allowed, with the exception of pvp accessoires, unique ones such as Nocturne of Harnie and Ring of Fury

    - PvP-Sparring (+8 max) is the only set allowed

    - One-piece costumes, IB-Sets are allowed; IB sets having any sort of RNG effects (such as 5/5 LoH, Elpheus, Salvatore Rosso) are prohibited

    - Weapon and armor wedges are allowed

    - Class-specific [MOD] skills are allowed

    - Any Force-Active (such as Haunting Spirit) or Passive (such as Illipias' Aura) are banned


    You're free to socket anything you like. There are no restrictions regarding sockets.

    No unsportsmanlike conduct. Please behave well and do not flame the opposing player.

    Players be responsible for preparing your equipment and skills before entering the room.

    In the case of technical difficulties or explicit lag, the organisers/referees reserve the right to make all final decisions on the administration of the tournament.

    Important reminder: We strongly advise players to check over their equipment and connection before the start of the match.

    The stages will be decided like this:

    The very first stage will be decided upon a roll between 1 and 7.

    The loser of the previous round will choose the next stage.

    You can't counterpick a stage if you've previously won on it during the match.

    The following is a list of stages that are allowed:

    Wally/Robo Castle - Center

    Wally/Robo Castle - Roof

    Dyurahan Colosseum

    Winter Velder/Ice age in Belder

    Elrios Bay

    El Tree - Bottom

    Banthus Cave

    Every other stage is BANNED!!

    The tournament will be streamed and commentated on twitch and youtube.

    These are the links:



    The chat will be English only.

    Please do not use abbreviations of other languages.

    The streams will start at aroung 4pm CET.

    The tournament will be held on the weekends of 17th/18th and 24th/25th of november.

    Prices are as followed:

    First: 700m + 10€ Coupon from GF

    Second: 500m + 2x3€ Coupon from GF

    Third: 300m + 3€ Coupon from GF

    Fourth: 100m

    You can sign up for the tournament by sending a friend request on discord to me: Kerialstraz#5902

    Or join the discord server, ping me and state your informations to enter: https://discord.gg/CVSN4dT

    People that don't want to participate can also add either one of us and join as a member and observe the server.

    All Information regarding brackets and questions will be discussed in the discord server.

    Regarding distance lag/delay issues: I'll test the connection with any player from any country upon sign-up. If it is deemed too bad (such as 1~2s hitdelay) then the player may not enter the tournament.

    Reason for this is that I want every player to have fun in the tournament, and playing against delay instead of the player is not fun for anyone, even those watching.

    Zum Thread geht es hier.

  • The tournament is now finished! Thank you everyone for participating!

    The winners are as followed:

    1) ShinyVulnona

    2) Jushiroh

    3) Kerialstraz

    4) Affairs

    I hope I'll see you soon in my next turnament after the UI-update with spec removal!