Disconnect after entering login details

  • Hello, everyone.

    Recently, I got a new PC, and I decided to start playing Elsword again. I downloaded the Gameforge launcher, then proceeded to download the game. I would not say I had problems with downloading the game except the one time where the download just freezed and I had to restart it. So, the download was good. After that I start the game, everything is fine, I see the usual log-in screen. I enter my username and password as usual, see the loading screen and after the bar reaches 100%, I just get disconnected and the game exits on its own. I would like some help for solving this problem since I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to do. Thank you in advance!

    PS: Using Windows10(I do not think this is a problem at all), I have put the Gameforge directory as an exception for my anti-virus program as well. In addtion, I have tried to delete my GameGuard file, and %temp% file directory, but that did not solve my problem.