Ara Sakra Devanam transcendence passive skill bug

  • The "Valiant Dedication" passive skill for Sakra devanam seems to be half bugged. Dedication buff upon succesful counter works fine but the Bravery status effect mentioned, which is supposed to trigger after you consume all your spirit energy, does not activate at all upon consuming all spirit energy. There is no buff appearing for the listed effects Bravery status should be giving, therefore class is not currently receiving any of the buffs mentioned under Bravery status which are the following:

    -Living Blood: +25% critical damage increase

    -Tiger secret tehcnique: Fierce Tiger damage increase +25%

    -Tiger secret technique arts mp consumtion -10%

    -Dragon tooth technique attachment speed +20%

    -Dragon fang secret technique - detonate spirit energy regeneration +2 on succesful attack

    -all for duration of 10 seconds.

    Thank you.

  • Really late but thats intentional since we got some hidden balancechanges for quite some time and in one of these patches the passive got changed into 20% all speed and maximize increase after using a bravery skill.