Vanimir and Drabaki Raiding Discord Server

  • ~ What is this Server about? ~

    Our Discord Server welcomes everyone who is interested in Farming Vanimir and Drabaki with skilled Groups who know how these Raids work. Don't worry. If you don't know, then we are more than happy to teach you! The only thing that is required to join the Server is the Ability to write and communicate in English, because it is the common Language that everyone on this Server is able to understand.

    For faster and effective grouping, we offer 2 types of roles to give each player the chance to group with others based on their Gear-lv. The generic guidelines of how this works will be explained once you have entered the Server. It's pretty simple: Screen your Equipment and Resonance Level and send it to our Admins for your Verification so that you are able to see the full Beauty of our Server! :teddy:


    Artist: Rosso
    found here (<- click there)

    ~ Rules ~

    1. Be respectful to the admins and the members of the server. We all have different backgrounds and in order for the server to work in harmony, members are expected to act maturely upon various situations. This includes:
    - Being polite and kind to unexperienced players in raids.
    - Not abusing your gear status.
    - Not posting offensive material with bad intention towards anyone.

    Not abiding the above could result receiving warnings or a ban.

    2. Do not cheat in game or take unfair advantage upon using bugs or hacks. Report to your respective server's support to inform immediately if you find a bug or a player using hacks.

    3. Keep messages relevant to their respective channel. Spamming messages in irrelevant channels will be monitored and will be warned. Please keep the channels clean and relevant for them to function properly.

    4. Practices of illegal trades, such as RWT (real-world-trade) is not permitted in this server. Anyone spotted will be warned first, then banned if they continue.
    The rules may be subject to change in the future. Please update yourselves with the rules if further changes have been made.

    These are not hard to keep right? So feel free to join us for the upcomming Raids! :kawaiiwink:

    P.S. I will add some nice Pictures later. :search:

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