Boring game

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  • The game become super boring and pay2wins :thumbdown:

    If I was at the Gamefroge I would make much better than this state now :rolleyes:

    All expensive and nasty players <X

    PS Buff Chung :P

    Edited once, last by NicotheRM: I do not see any merit in this post staying up as this is purely to spread hate and toxicity. -NicotheRM ().

  • GF can't do much since KoG will decide what happens.

    Sorry if the game is not for you but you will find a game that will pleasure you for sure, just keep searching.

    "All expensive" I can't agree on that tho since the eco on other servers is way worse than EU.

    "Nasty Players" , Well guess you were unlucky right from the get go, but maybe more luck in other games.

    I agree, Buff FP