Windows 11 and game FPS.

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  • I wanna' know if someone has any trick for this.

    I am using Laptop with nVidia. And my FPS a little crashes while playing, but I noticed something - when I increase/lower volume and the Volume setting appear on the screen, my game has enough FPS (really high), and when the Volume setting disappear, game is slower again.

    Does anyone fixed this or found a workaround?

    I do have set up for perfomance, 120Hz, use high quality as game perfomance in Settings, full/windowed mode, fresh updates (including nVidia).

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  • there is no offical ETA yet, if we plan with the delay from the updates we get from KR (the original Server) wich is usually 6-7months, we should get it in around April or May. But there is no offical information for EU yet.