Couple of info for a returning player?

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  • Hello there,

    I was planning to get back on Elsword but would like to ask some questions beforehand, I don't play since...2017 maybe?

    • What's the difference between EU IT, ES, DE etc?...Am I able to play with users from all over these places or I'll be able to play with just people from IT, DE, ecc?
    • May I ask what's the current El Coins rate?


  • I have no idea about the current EL Coins rate but

    The individual servers across European countries were merged in like 2018 i think, so you will see (and be able to play with) the people from all servers now, hence the IT, ES, DE....

    It is just a shortcut for the clients these players play on.

    For example: I play on the German client so my main's name looks like this: Tobiuch [DE]

    IT is for Italian

    ES for Spanish

    EN for English

    FR for French

    PL for Polish

    DE for German

    (small info: if you download the english client you can't play on it with an account you created on e.g. the german website)


  • Could you explain me this new thing about bulletin board? I can't even check stuff on the board because I am not level 70. Will I be able to trade with other players?...

  • as soon you hit lvl 99 you will be able to trade with everybody (given they are lvl 99 aswell).

    just focus for now hitting lvl 99 via Epic Quests and aquire the 3rd Class advancement

    (wich will be unlocked after you reached Trancendence [Lvl 70 Quest] and reached lvl 99.

    Current El Coin rate is around 1:230k (lower or higher given when the last Happy Hour was), so you pay for 100 EC around 23m ED

    After you hit Level 99 a Quest should appear that unlocks the Leveling System past Lvl 99, El Resonance.
    It's somewhat a Prestige system that will be applied on your Account, so Every Character has acsses to it's benefits.

    Given 2017 is pretty much a long time ago, alotta things changed:

    -The free Pet given from the Epic quest comes with a permanent Fetch Aura.

    -Elyanod Armor is now Bankshareable (Soon same with the Rigomor Armor)

    -Opening a Void Weapon Cube (from Add's Theory Dungeon) gives always a Legendary +9 Weapon with all Special effects.

    -There is a "Tutorial" Poru now on the top middle of your Screen for all Characters, if you complete them you gain useful assets.

    -3 New Characters got Released, Ain the Angel, Laby the Mysterious Girl and Noah the Brother of the Moon Master Ebalon.

    -Gate of Darkness can be accssed now freely via the dungeon tab (upon reaching lvl 70). Clearing "GoD" now gives a 30 minute Buff that can ALWAYS be refreshed, and it is adviced to do so. That buff is Massive.

    -Henir is a Singleplayer Dungeon now.

    -Daily Event dungeons got released, Clearing them gives you materials for Items like Customizations, Pets, Pots ect.

    -Secret Dungeons are now on a Daily Rotation, so not all are open at the same time.

    -Avatar Matters now, it pretty much dictates the Meta(what's currently most powerful/useful) now.

    -You can put Avatar and Accsessories into a Wardrbobe and Change it's appearance on given what you have entered yet.
    These Items become untradeable tho unless you remove them via Cash Shop items

    -You can now Queue/Matchmake dungeons, by doing that you gain a Heroic Buff, wich Strength will increase or decrease depending on the Party size

    (1 Player gives Strongest Buff, 4 Players the weakest Buff) You can't gain the Party buff on 6-man Dungeons or by Starting with Current Party)

    -Multiple New Regions got Released with a Twist, from the Region Past Elyanode, all Dungeons will have a Regional Debuff that lowers your Stats, wich can be countered/Negated by the new Stat "Adaptation".

    -The Region Varnimir and Pruinaum have Dungeons called Raid in them.

    They are follow up dungeons on wich you have to clear the first one to be able to enter the next one.

    The Rewards for those dungeons are Weekly (the Progression can go further if you use a Weekly Reset Ticket, up to 2 times ea. week)

    Running these dungeons will give you a %, given on how far you come. After you Reached 100%, you should reset if you find another Party to run with.

    For Varnimyr it's the Crimson Raid, where you Fight against the Corrupted Fire Master Rosso.

    In Pruinaum a old fellow makes a Return, Berthe or Berrut (given wich Client you played) will be the Raid Boss.
    You Run given Raid dungeons for it's legendary Equipment such as Weapons and Accsessories.

    That should handle the Basics I guess.

  • Thank you very much! This gives me a bit more of understanding! I was wondering, is there any guide on which is the fastest way to level up? Should I follow quests or just hit the most recent dungeon unlocked?

  • I'd do the Epic quest of the latest unlocked City/region, like if you are lvl 30 or so, you are probably still in Bethma/Besma for Epic quests, but have accsses to Altera, in that case you should skip Bethma and continue in Altera. Currently you level up the fastest way with Epic Quests.