More Avatar in the Cash Shop

  • Since the Shoprotation is gone, we barely have Avatar in the Shop. This makes me sad.

    They should make a big Cash Shop release with every Set that was once in the Shop. While this Cash Shop release we are able to buy these Sets in Sets, or single pieces of it. After the big Cash Shop release ends, the Sets will not be able to get bought in Sets anymore. Instead they will be all available as single pieces. Cuz lets be honest. How small is the selection of Avatars now? Like 2 Sites? and only 2-4 Sets? Sad for a online Game if u ask me


  • When people asked for shop rotation to be removed, never did they expect still being limited to few options, which has been the main complaint. I'm all for permanent content, even with the limitation of limited time sets.

  • Either keep all the sets (exception with seasonals) or improve the rotation system (always ten-ish sets available that change around every two weeks + seasonals). New players usually check what's in the store to see if there's anything that'll keep them interested, such a shame that they don't take care of that marketing aspect.

    Edit : Not to mention that the job avatars are limited lol, so the time comes you'll be naked and no one would be like "oh I want to do some IB gacha". Gameforge you want money you put cute clothes in the store.


  • no one would be like "oh I want to do some IB gacha".

    And yet all the games still keep them for the players to pour their cash into while there's literally no escape.

    Come to think of it, how do they get the 25k item number? They must be counting each piece individually, and I'm certain they include the IB stuff.

  • Please, don't forget that the major part of sets are just limited to persuade people to buy it now or never, without have time to think. Anyway I like the idea to have more avatar on shop and/or can get again old pieces of avatars. Maybe some single pieces could be sell again only on certain events or in a specif season, like on spring for spring sets, on Christmas holidays for Christmas sets, on Chinese New Year or Tanabata for some sets with a traditional Asian style, etc...