My first thread!

Attention! We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some pages.
We advise you DO NOT TO CLICK on such suspicious links and do not share your account login/password with ANYONE.
Please report any kind of such activity directly to our Support. Thank you!
  • Morning/afternoon my fellow Elsword players! If the name doesn't sound familiar, I'm the guild master of RoyalExiles! I finally managed to fix my forums problem! I had those issues ever since I started playing and this's the main reason why I have 0 presence here on forums. I'm not sure how it's fixed but I had an account with but I couldn't access Elsword forums. I contacted board support and UK super mod replied to me and asked me to show him/her screenshots of the steps I took so they could replicate and troubleshoot the issue. I logged in and it redirected me to another page where it required me to insert my discord account and it worked! So long story short, make sure you're redirected to another page where it asks you for your discord username and insert the correct discord name and you should be able to access Elsword forums! ;)