Replace the silence with KR voices

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  • Hey,

    it really annoy's me that when you play with european Voices, Elysion - Tirnog NPC's do not say anything. (DG+City, excusion Elyanod - The City)

    And at this point i lost my hope that lazyforce will ever add them we have to save money, the new Lambo dosn't pay itself

    So i heard on NA/Int if NPCS/Charakters do not have NA-Voices yet, the silence get's replaced with the Korean voices.

    The suggestion is to implement this on Els-EU too.

    I admit its kinda inconsitent but better than this permanent silence.

    I apologize in advance for my bad english.

    FunFact: We had this feature once, as a bug.

    "Um das Ziel zu erreichen, wird die Sonne Schwarz gefärbt"


    Danke an Shira

    Serraphia:" Ich hab grad bei Wallyland verloren"

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