the Cilent didn't want to move

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  • I don't know why I can't really play and sometime it move and say gameguard update error 360 I try to find some help on web vs youtube and it not really help can anyone help me ?;(;(;(

  • Error Code 360 & 380


    Error update Gameguard


    • PC neu starten
    • Den Ordner aufsuchen, in dem das Spiel installiert ist und den „Gameguard“-Ordner löschen
    • Abschließend das Spiel neu starten und patchen lassen

    This is what a german Game and Board Admin wrote for 360. It translates into:


    Error update Gameguard


    Restart PC

    Go to the folder where the game is installed and delete the "Gameguard" folder.

    Finally, restart the game and patch it.

    Maybe this'll help.