Someone can help with returning player to choice a main class?

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  • yoo guys im a returning player and i've decided to start with a class (i dont have a shared bank yet) to do all content, im in doubt about:

    Rage Hearts (raven)

    Centurion (chung)

    Daybreaker/Anemos (rena)

    Heerscher (ain)

    Tempest Buster (rose)

    Code Ultimate (eve)

    What u guys think about best of this? I'm accepting suggestions too. Thankss

  • It depends if you are a pvp oder pve player

    for pvp: Centurion, oder Code Ultimate (especially CU is very good in pvp)

    for pve: Daybreaker, Centurion or Rage Hearts

    both: Centurion (very broken class)

    altough you should play the class which is the most fun for you


  • I would say the same as Juuzou

    i would just leave out Rage Hearts due to his lack of group buffs, which is very bad for a starter character