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  • *pokemon battle theme intensifies*

    Hello Els EU! Today I got my promotion as a full Moderator, so I thought it be a nice occasion to file myself a proper introduction!

    My name is Altale, inspired from one of Sakuzyo's songs. I've been an active Elsword player since 2009 (joined UK in 2017) and I thought, why not take it to a next level and apply for the UK Team?

    Being an introvert myself, I first joined the UK Tech Team in 2019. The following year I decided to apply for the moderator role and here I am today! I'm a big fan of this game and to end up in a Team dedicated for a game I love... I feel like it's somewhat of a personal accomplishment! Ahaha~ :blushing:

    Whenever I'm not *cough* feeding my soul *cough* in this game, I do gardening at my parent's house! Stuff like watering seasonal crops, cleaning the greenhouse, and picking worms.. It's like Stardew Valley (if anyone knows that game) in real life. So yeah! Gaming and gardening is basically what I do now. Occasionally cooking included. Life's pretty chill here.:elswlike:

    I could go on about my passion for this game, but I suppose I could continue in the threads if anyone is interested to reply with any Elsword-related questions! I main on Bluhen (Florere) but also play other characters such as Richter (Arbiter), Innocent, and Oz Sorcerer! If anyone feels like they need a hand playing these classes, feel free to hit me up either on forums or on discord! I'll be happy to be your resource on my spare time!