Community Interaction Event [semi-Weekly]

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  • Hello!
    Memo the great Ritter from Elsword EN community speaking here.
    We would be happy to announce our Community Interaction Event [Weekly Edition]!

    The aim of this event is to get together and have fun as community.
    Unfortunately, there will be no rewards included for those that want a little bit spice in their everyday gameplay as these Events will be once per week, for fun with GMs (or just me, we'll see, I'll drag someone else too I swear) and other players. :(

    Who can participate?
    Anyone, literally anyone that can get their lovely character online in game.

    What's the point of all this?
    Did I not explain it already?
    Having fun as community.
    If I would go into more details... getting one shotted by GM gear (some of you from EN community perfectly know how that goes), trying to kill a GM that has not PvPed in ages in a "fair fight", maybe some minigames like hide and seek, Tower Defense, Tag, maybe a fashion show(!?), maybe we go rolling dices and see who wins and many more if my and our teams brains allow us to come up with more!

    Why this Event is a bit special?
    Well, y'know, we will try to give streaming a go on Twitch!
    And try to upload perhaps some highlights or edited videos to Youtube eventually!

    When is this Weekly even happening?
    The day of the event may change depending on player feedback buuuut... for now...
    Every Saturday at 5PM (17:00) CEST.

    Yes, this week counts. So this friday.

    What we gonna do?

    You decide my dear players, let's just keep out of dungeons!

  • Tomorrow is yet another Friday!
    and We are not stopping This event just yet.
    Go to First post and pick what you wish to play next with us on stream!

    I am sorry for the slow notice though :P

    For the sake of each Mini Event I'll explain the rules here.

    If there are any further questions regarding rules I'll either explain during event or you can DM me on Discord ( Memoritter#1649 ) or here on Forum via Conversation Function!


  • Due to unforeseen circumstances we will push back the event to Saturday!
    For future reference we may also start doing the streams on Saturdays instead of fridays!

    Sorry for the people that were looking forward to it today!

  • Thanks to all the lovely peeps that tunned in for our first ever, totally not improvisedbecause we couldn't make the Volleyball-ping pong event work Defeat the Boss Game Master event!

    From left to right: LesterMageri, Eli, myself, Derivative, Cyclical, BabyFee and UomoSiS

    Behind the scenes: Poor Memo the Great 'cuz he was spectating.

    Special congratulations to Eli who somehow managed to kill me like three? Four times? GGs!

  • It is a bit late to announce this buuuut
    Due to Ongoing Double EXP and Drop rate event (6/13-6/14), we shall cancel this weeks Interaction event and do it next week!
    So those that wanted to interact with us feel free to not worry and Farm in Elsword!
    *throws water droplets around* May you have a blessing of a Memo and get a very valuable drop to whoever sees this.
    and hope it is not 2x event next week too

  • Thanks to all of ya who came to this Weeks Weekly Community Interaction where we had a Fashion Disaster mini-event
    I hope all of ya that participated enjoyed it!

    Shoutout to:
    Mr. Rectangle man, the [Triggered] Duo couple (still not sorry for giving you less points than your waifu), HotRamen, , lMiuAra, Everyone (Yes it's a player name), Orion and many others who came to have fun :)

    See you all Next Week!

  • Hello, this is a bit earlier post but.. this post all about sum videos.
    We have posted a full stream of our 4th and 5th Community interaction events!

    4th Week Featuring Fashion contest!

    5th Week featuring Dice roll tournament!

  • Dear community,

    Real life has called our beloved Memoritter and he won't be able to make it on time for our weekly Community Interaction Event.

    We are very sorry for the short notice and we hope we'll be able to see each other next week.

    In the meantime, enjoy the double EXP! :)



  • Heyo, Memo here bringing weekly dose of procrastination and apologies.
    Due to my real life responsibilities and this month being busiest of them all, I shall not be making any Weekly Streams ONLY FOR A MONTH (so until September).
    We shall come back next month and for that month what we can expect?
    at least one of these things:

    For now that is all that is semi-planned, in the meanwhile
    Here you can have a playlist of previous Elsword EU Community Interaction events:

    They are roughly 2 hours each (apart first one being almost 3 hours).

    Also, if you wish to suggest some sort of events, want rewards from these events or wish to give advise towards streams or youtube videos themselves feel free to write a suggestion at our Feedback and Suggestions thread of Elsword EU Community Interaction event!
    c'mon just do it, write them suggestions so I can slap my superiors with positive feedback and spoil the cr*p out of you all.

  • Unforutnately, due to Large Time constraint put on me, I cannot continue doing these streams at my own leisure.
    I am extremely sorry for not bringing such news to everyone sooner.
    However, do not worry, we shall try to make these sort of streams happen with other sort of events that at very least shall bring some rewards to the table!
    Once again, I am sorry for the neglecting my idea of the event.