Pre-Party Event for Character Revamp 2

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  • Heroes of Elios,

    We would like to clarify a small point related to the event previously announced since some players have asked about it.

    At the start of the announcement there is a date, this date is the event period for the event "Pre-Party Event for Character Revamp 2", not for every single event inside the announcement.
    The event "1. Pre-Party Event for Elsword Revamp 2" will run from the 18th January 2020 (00:00) until 18th January 2020 (23:59), while the events "2. Daily Quest: Preparing for the Second Rework" and "3. Weekly Quest: Ready for the Second Rework" will run from the 15th January 2020 (00:00) until 22nd January 2020 (8:59).

    We are very sorry for any confusion this might have caused to any of you.


    Your Elsword Team.

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