[Guide] Keeping your account safe. The path to living a happy Elsword life!

Attention! We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some pages.
We advise you DO NOT TO CLICK on such suspicious links and do not share your account login/password with ANYONE.
Please report any kind of such activity directly to our Support. Thank you!
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    Hello everyone,

    We would like to give our heroes of Elios some useful tips and tricks to have a safe account. Being a hero of Elios is not an easy task, it requires time and effort and you wouldn't like all of that to be gone with the blink of an eye because of a mistake, so here we are to guide you on how to keep your account safe from scammers to live a happy life!

    We would suggest everyone to check out every single point. You might know some of them, perhaps all (congrats!) but better safe than sorry.

    General Tips:

    • Never share your account credentials or anything related to them that might be dangerous (email address, account name, password, pin) with anyone.
    • A member of the Elsword Team or a Gameforge employer will NEVER request your password.
    • A member of the Elsword Team or a Gameforge employer will NEVER request you any information outside the official support system (https://elsword.support.gameforge.com/index.php?fld=ww)
    • Never trust websites or players saying they are gifting EC or any kind of items, they are most likely going to ask your information.
    • Do not log in on sites that are not the official Elsword Europe website (more information on how to spot scam sites will follow on this thread)
    • If it is too good to be true, then it will most likely be a lie. In case of doubts always contact the Elsword Europe team via ticket.

    How to keep your account safe:

    1. Have a strong password. One that is long (your password can be up to 20 characters long, the more the merrier!) and it should include letters (A-Z, also include upper/lowercase), numbers (0-9), and special characters (like -). Additionally, use a unique password in each site you register, while your account might be secured in here, if you use the same username and password in a site that had their login credentials leaked you Elsword account might be in danger.
    2. Set up the PIN of your account. It is a good extra step for your security and you get currency to trade for goodies in-game!
    3. Never use a PIN or password that might be easy to get if someone knew you like a special date or word.
    4. Always use a specific email address for your Elsword account, one that is used only for the game alone. Also, make sure your email password is different from your game account password.

    How to know if a site is legit:

    It might happen that someone will make a copy of the Elsword site and try to get your login credentials, most likely redirecting you later on to an error page saying your information is wrong. This usually sends the information to the scammer and then your account is at risk, therefore you should only use your login credentials on the official sites those being:

    But you still have to be careful! Always check the URL site when you open it and make sure it is the correct one, they might make it look like it is a legit link and then redirect you to a scam site. In case of doubts, write the link manually.

    Am I in the correct Discord Server?:

    Elsword Europe has their very own verified server of Elsword, to know if the information given by the team of Elsword Europe is to be trusted always check that the server you are reading said information has the "tick mark" of verification which can be seen here:

    Always check with whom you are speaking and if they are who they say they are:


    In-game members of the Game Team (and sometimes of the Forum Team) will be seen. They can be easily identified because:

    1. They will have their rank between brackets/square backets, such as (Rank)Name, for example, (GA)Senak. The use of "(" ")" and "[" "]" is reserved to the team and cannot be used by normal players.
    2. They will be part of a guild related to their team, such as TeamElswordUK for UK Team Members or ElswordTeamDE for DE Team Members.
    3. They will have a special accessory, this accessory is a flying object with wings and the words "GM" inside it.


    1. In the forums the members of the Team will always have an imagerank (image below their nickname and user title)
    2. Their nickname will be of a different color (and sometimes other vanity things such as wings) to differentiate from the users (Blue for Forum Team, Red for Game Team)
    3. They will appear in the Team page of the forums


    Just like at the forums, at Discord there are ways to check if whoever is talking with you is really a part of the team.

    1. They will appear on the User List inside the group they belong to (Community Managers, Team Managers, Team - Moderators and Team - Game Masters).
    2. Their nickname will have the color that belongs to either their rank or the highest role they are part of (just like at the forums, Blue means Forum Team while Red means Game Team)
    3. They will have between square brackets their rank.
    4. The roles they are part of will be listed when pressing on their username be it on the chat or user list (this is for browser/computer users) or when you long-press their nickname (this is for mobile users)

    But as always, be extra careful! Leaving aside that all safety rules apply even when a Team Member talks to you, there might be impersonators of the team. Check their Discord ID (that is the nickname followed by some numbers such as Darkrai#9600) and cross that information with the information of the team member when you inspect them in the server if the nickname and number is different then don't trust it!

    Other useful things to know:

    • The Elsword Team might give items or EC as prize of events. These rewards are commonly given out to players as codes (more information about codes and how you can use them can be found here: [GUIDE] How to redeem Item/EC codes) but we will never ask for your login credentials to give to you said codes.
    • Keep your computer secure with a good antivirus, add extra layers of protection with other applications like antimalwares. Keep them up to date too!
    • Never download from or click on sites that you don't trust or know.

    And this wraps this not so small guide on how to live a happy life at Elsword (and pretty much anywhere as long as you keep your information secure)

    Have fun playing!

    Your Elsword Team.