Overview of guilds which obtained the stage rewards in guild expeditions

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  • In guild expeditions the guild who clears the stages 40, 80, 120, 160, 180 and 200 first receives a special reward.

    Because of the monthly ranking reset, other guilds get a chance to obtain this rewards because

    if you already had a reward, then you won't get the same one again.

    So I want you to post here when your guild already reached the stages mentioned above first and got the reward(s) of this stage(s).

    You can check the rewards in this table and in the game since they are all banner parts at Myu.


    Please write it like that:

    Guild Name:
    40 [ ]

    80 [ ]

    120 [ ]

    160 [ ]

    180 [ ]

    200 [ ]

    And when you got the reward put an "x" in the brackets.

    When your guild gets another reward you can add your post or post it seperate in this thread.

    The reason for the thread is to see when your guilds has a chance to obtain the rewards.