☼ Athena's Farewell ♥

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  • Hello Everyone! :rabbitfoot::kawaiipinkeyes:

    It's been 2 years since I joined Elsword's team and it's been 2 fantastic years I've spent on this project. :heartballon:

    I'm very glad I had the chance to be the Product Community Manager of Elsword Europe and share all my time here with you all.

    You're truly an amazing community and I've been so happy to be in touch with you on a daily basis, to share with you new updates, projects and evolution of Elsword. <3

    But all good things have an end and it's time for me to leave Gameforge and to go on new adventures and face new challenges! :rankstar:

    I've done my best to make Elsword an even better place for you all and now it's time for me pass my torch to someone else:

    I will be still around until the end of the week so we can still chat together ;) , and the CMs that will take over FR, and ES, as well as the Product of Elsword Europe will introduce themself to you really soon!

    Thanks everyone for being part of this amazing community. :thoughtlove:

    I will miss you all for sure!

    With all my love,