Sharoona. Now International !

  • Hi there, everyone !

    Now that we have been fused together here as well, i thought it would be approbiate to introduce myself here again.

    I'm playing Elsword since december 2013 and started my journey as a little Rena on DE.

    I've come a long way since then, practiced a lot with pretty much every character (except Raven, Rose and Ain. i just don't like them) and settled on Lu/Ciel (Noblesse/Innocent) quite a while ago.

    Had a funny little thread on the DE Forum, which explained the different Elsword player-personalities in a satiric way. But i don't think i'll keep it up here as well. I just lack the time.

    As for some personal Informations about me. I'm 30 years old, the owner of a night club, and very well trained in MMA.

    We could keep this going for ages, but a short introduction is better than a full life-time story.

    So i end it with my approval of the new change, which connects us all and better :3

    (Note : My main language's are german and english. I do have people, which could translate other language's for me, but please don't make me type those. I feel i would butcher most words quite horribly)

  • I definitly could. My combat training and actual experience goes way beyond that already.

    However, this should never be the first way but rather the absolute last resort.

    While i don't really have to make use of it at my current location, whenever i'm visiting my aunt in the united states, this kind of ability may come into play.

    Sadly, it's much less safe there than here.

  • Oh, why? It says lots of people are carrying weapons there nowadys. Do you think this might be a reason? On the other hand, according to people that have been asked, carrying weapons make them feel safe.


    Made by Coco and Aoi, thank you so much <3

  • I'm not for hire though :3

    I have this kind of training as a civilian due to certain circumstances.

    It's my brother who does that for a living in a sense.

    Himeri I actually see it this way, that carrying around weapons on everybody just makes it worse, since everyone who does not have them, feels like they need to have one.

    And i also approve of the fact, that one should have long psychological training to ensure, that the person in question does not just use it on a whim.

    Yet in the states, go to your local weapon trader and buy your super perforator. I cannot approve of that.

  • So i need to get myself some sort of other protection.

    *BRAUM IS HERE* (if anyone gets this reference, i would very much appreciate that) :._.:


    "Be careful inviting the devil into your backyard,

    because... he might like it... and decide to stay."

  • Ah I see. But I think that, if laws were changed, people that used to carry them would protest. Acquaintances who raised there told me that most people do not trust the police anymore. It might be difficult to do something against it as far as I can tell.


    Made by Coco and Aoi, thank you so much <3