No entiendo algo/ I don't understand something

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  • Me gustaria saber, que es lo que ocurre con las personas que entras a escenarios cuando son del server ES, parece que los demas jugadores de otros servers le echan la culpa del lag, me gustaria ver que es lo que decis tanto ES, EN, DE, IT, FR y PL sobre esto, a veces me molesta, ya que no "todos" tenemos ese "Lag" que tanto dicen, yo voy perfectamente con 250 Mbs de conexion, me llego a molestar y por eso hago este post, a ver que es lo que decis sobre ello.

    I would like to know, what's going on when people going on dungeons and meet ES users, looks like, they always blame that they lag, or server is the most lagged, I would like to see, what you guys from ES, EN, DE, IT, FR and PL would say about this, sometimes it bothers me, since we "all" doesn't have that "Lag" what they say, I'm perfectly going with 250 Mbs internet speed, this bothers me and this is why I'm doing this post, wanna know what everyone say about it.

    Gracias/ Thank you. :elswlike:


    May the great arrow guide you!:miniswag: