Hacker knows your IP and Kicks you

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  • As title says,
    I just witness how "Person A" texts an IP-Adresse into the chat and 2 Seconds later "Person B" from my guild disappears and disconnects.
    Said Guildmember told me that "Person A" whispered that this was going to happen.

    My question is did anyone else have experienced this kind of thing yet or this the 1st case.

    "Person A" was from [ES]

    and yes its getting reported already.

  • Most likely, the guy got the IP from Teamspeak or some other external source rather from the game itself. Is rather simple to launch a denial of service attack on someone (which is how the person vanished). More difficult to exploit a server than to just read an IP from a chat client or something, and even if it was a server exploit being used (again, unlikely) you'd target the databases rather than just kick someone from the server.. and I'm certain the one who did it has no programming knowledge whatsoever. Probably doesn't even know what Linux is (or has heard of Backtrack/Kali Linux). I'd say the only thing that could be done for the time being is: use a VPN with whatever chat clients are in use and to not have the person added on anything. Though most likely, this is a coordinated effort between a few people..

  • Well, it is simpler to just invite your target into a chat server you own or something. And using Metasploit under Backtrack/Kali Linux can do such attacks.. but my assumption is the majority of people who play are probably teenagers who probably just download random tools to do it because of their limited knowledge in such things (unless you're like me, Java development and Backtrack Linux use at the age of 14), which is why it is more likely the IP was obtained externally rather than through the game itself. Either way, a VPN is your best bet of preventing such issues occurring, and I would recommend using one anyway given the recent Article 13/17 news..

  • Are you using this thread just to brag about your IT skills?

    You don't even need him to be in the chat room, this game is made to constantly send P2P packets.

    Unless you always stay in QG with no one around, you just need to be in his field to get his IP address

  • The point I'm making is: the majority of people who bother to do these sorts of things, simply copy and paste IPs into a program and press a button. Yes, obviously the game is heavily based on P2P, but really, getting someone on a chat client where it specifically points out someone's IP when they join or leave a server, requires much less effort for most people than scanning network traffic with Wireshark or whatever. Either way, main defence against this is to get a VPN. The game engine needs a complete rewrite most likely to migrate away from P2P, and KOG are not going to do that.